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Berith. Making life better!

God gave Pastor Rick a vision of people from all walks of life coming together to know the Lord. Their hunger and thirst for God is their bond. Through restored relationship with God, they discover life direction, reconcile relationships, strengthen families, and realize overall fulfillment. They enjoy the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ, by refusing the limitations of codes, traditions, and denominations.

the result

Berith Christian Fellowship is people of diverse backgrounds gathering to seek a personal relationship with God and each other in a relaxed, spiritually enriching atmosphere.

Our Purpose

To effectively preach and teach the Bible in order to help lead people into the family of God, mature them into Christ's likeness, equip them for ministry in the church and to the world, all the while magnifying God.

What is Berith

A frequently asked question is "What does the word BERITH mean?" Berith (pronounced ber-ith or ber-eeth) is the Hebrew word for blood covenant, which is the closest, most enduring, most sacred agreement that can exist between two parties! It involves the total commitment (all of the good and the bad) of both participants and is sealed with their lives. Blood covenant serves to instill an unswerving, unwavering confidence in one's partner.

God wants us to trust Him without reservation, not blindly. So He uses "berith" to demonstrate the magnitude of His love for us, and the extremes to which He will go to fulfill His promises. You see, when someone enters into a blood covenant, they're saying that they'll keep their word (the terms of the covenant) or be utterly destroyed! God entered into a covenant with mankind through Jesus Christ so that we'd have a foundation on which to stand as we learn to move in faith with God.