Building Our Future Update

On Sunday, July 16th, the BCF congregation came together and implemented two powerful laws. First, we prepared our three biggest prayers (petitions, desires), wrote them out, included the promise(s) of God we are standing on, and added pictures or visuals of our victory to help clarify our focus. In addition, we prepared our best seed to sow for our harvest and brought them with us to service.  Pastor Rick prayed and stood in agreement with the congregation for their petitions.  We joined together in faith for the victory, as we sowed serious seed in good ground toward the completion of BOF. Our goal is $200,000.

If you missed out on participating in our time of prayer and giving, here is your opportunity to get in on this blessing. You may bring your petitions and seed to sow to Sunday services or submit your prayer and/or seed by clicking the button(s) below to participate online.