Announcements: January 7, 2018


If you were not able to join us for Communion on Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to take Communion today 20 minutes after service here in the Sanctuary. If you checked your children into the Ministry’s care, be sure to pick them up before joining us.


God Squad, Berith’s Ministry to youth ages 14-20, normally meets on the first Sunday of each month. In order to allow you to hear Pastor’s message giving us the vision for 2018, you’ll remain in the Sanctuary today and we’ll meet next Sunday, January 14th, to start our discussion of “Destined to Win”.


Christ Like Ones, Berith’s ministry to unmarried members usually meets on the 1st Friday of each month. For January instead of our regular meeting, we will get together for a movie and a meal fellowship today after service. We’ll meet at 3:00 at AMC Bay Street Theater in Emeryville for the 3:30 screening of “Molly’s Game”. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a meal and conversation at Fuddruckers. Check the City, or see one of the Christ Like Ones Team members, for more details.