Announcements: July 15, 2018


Heirs Together, our ministry for married couples is meeting next Sunday, July 22nd, at 6pm. This ministry is designed to help couples enjoy married life. You may attend even if your spouse won’t be with you, so if you’re married, put it on your calendar now and plan to be here next Sunday at 6.


Covenant Circles happen each week on Wednesdays and are a good place to come together and share in small groups how the Word impacts your life. Join us this Wednesday at 7 as we continue our current topic “Understanding What You Think You Know”.


We have a few housekeeping reminders, so please listen closely:

  • During all Berith services, no food or drinks are allowed in the sanctuary.  Please finish all food and beverages before coming inside.
  • To assist with the flow of people traffic, as you are exiting the Sanctuary at the conclusion of services, please exit through the double glass doors. If you are picking up your children from the Children’s Ministry, please exit through the double doors and re-enter the building using the door leading to Children’s Ministry registration. If you have any questions, the Ushers and Greeters are happy to assist you.
  • When entering & exiting the parking lot, please enter using the driveway at the top of the lot and exit using the driveway at the bottom. This will help with the flow of vehicle traffic as well as with increased safety.
  • Finally, before you leave, take a look at your surroundings and pick up after yourself, your children, and maybe even your brothers and sisters as needed. If you see trash or debris on the floor or out on the deck in front of our space, just take a moment to pick it up and place it into one of the trash receptacles outside.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines to help things flow smoothly and safely.