Announcements: March 4, 2018


We celebrate Communion on the 1st Wednesday of each month during Covenant Circles. Join us this Wednesday, March 7th, as we celebrate Christ and all He’s done for us. We’ll get the Word, and then have the memorial meal together. You don’t want to miss it so we’ll see you on Wednesday at 7.


God Squad, Berith’s Ministry to youth ages 14 - 20, meets today and we’ll begin a discussion on Navigating Change. If you are 14 – 20, follow the direction of the Ushers and your Mentors so that you can be dismissed to class when its time.


Getting copies of the messages is a great way to enhance your study at home.  You may even submit a request to purchase copies of previous messages.  The Media Sales Table is available on Sundays after service near the Info Table. Stop by and pick up your copy of the message before you leave today.